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Mono Poison Stall
:foongus: :mareanie: :qwilfish-hisui: :skuntank: :wooper-paldea: :swalot:

A stall team built around the double Regenerator core of physically defensive Foongus and specially defensive Mareanie. Hisuian Qwilfish and Skuntank keep the team from folding to Psychic-type attacks, while Paldean Wooper adds a Ground-type and a rocker. Acid Armor Swalot rounds out the team as a win condition.

Mono poison has some glaring weaknesses, particularly the complete absence of hazard control options. The team also struggles to switch into strong Normal- and Ground-type attacks (I considered running Gastly but it's not switching into anything other than an immunity). But with a little matchup luck, you should be able to win some games.
Now that the two best types are out (Normal and Dark) its time to try to make a halfway decent team with one of the other types. Mono ele biggest flaw in my opinion is that the best ele types are spAtk mons and your best physical attacker is light ball pikachu(Its better then facade lux).

:pincurchin: This is primarily to set up ele terrain as well as to set up hazards if possible, strong sucker punches and zing zaps are also really nice.

:rotom-fan: Had to include this mon cuz its my fav in pu, tera ice scarf rotom does the exact same thing as frostom except with this I dont have to worry about missing 6/8 blizzards. Additionally tricking a scarf onto setup mons is always fun.

:raichu: Encore raichu is an overal solid mon not much needs to be explained on this one.

:pikachu: Best ele phy Atk mon in the tier as its attack is higher with light ball, is faster then lux, and gets fake out to wear down opponets easier.

:luxray: While not as good as pikachu, it can still dish out some damage if raichu/rotom can KO an opposing mon and switch it in.

:ampharos: I wanted to replicate my old blunder policy mag set from before mags ban so I made blunder policy zap cannon amphy. Is it as good as normal amphy sets, prob not. Is it more fun then a regular amphy set, absolutely.



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Hello everyone! I will be taking over as host for the SV PU Teambuilding Competition thread. Thank you so much to uhBella for their amazing job thus far. I hope I can fill the shoes they left behind!

Without further ado, congratulations to Shaneghoul and sleid (I know it's cringe to announce this myself) for winning this last week with 5 votes for their Monotype Normal and Dark teams, respectively!

Even though I have just taken over this position, we will wait until post-PUPL to fire this back up. Many people may be dissuaded from participating due to wanting to keep private some ideas that they may want to save for the tour. We will be back soon! :blobthumbsup:


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We are BACK!!! With DCL 1 released, it's time to start building teams and showing off your skills.

To kick things off, we will be doing teams with TWO of the new DLC NFE's that we obtained! Outside of that requirement, the choice is yours! Be sure to refresh yourself on the thread rules before posting!

Teams will be due Sunday 9/24 @ 11:59 PM GMT -4, voting will follow right after. Have fun with it and good luck!
Bulky and highly offensive : ^ )


First of the two DLC NFE's and this is the one I was most excited for, good rock setter, super bulky and can stay on the field for a long time and has some great stab moves along with a stab prio move to try and chip, great mon to switch into and can be placed in front of a lot of threats.
One of the most consistent mons of the tier and always a great special attacker to put on any team, and with Will-O-Wisp it can cripple a lot of physical mons which there's no shortage of them in current PU, hates the current trend of lots of knock offs but can still deal with a bunch of the current meta game, at least for now.
Quite literally the best DLC NFE to drop and fits nicely onto a lot of teams, I find myself struggling to put moves on him as a lot of moves are great, I personally enjoy using him as a bulk up drain/mach/3rd move mon and I've found success with ThunderPunch on this one. Really good in the late game if you're able to remove its very few threats.
Incredible Special tank and knock off bot for this team, I've been very thankful for this mon as one of the few mons that can somewhat answer A-Raichu as long as its built specially defensive.
Scarf veluza with flip turn is a very fun mon and with tera water it could be used as either a nice pivot and as a possible late game sweeper, people also are never expecting the scarfed Veluza, and it can tear through some teams all on its own.
the greatest rapid spinner currently in the tier, top 1 of 3, I've found to really enjoy the Assault Vest set with Knock and uturn as a bulky slow pivot, makes sure that your veluza/Gurdurr/Piloswine can really stick to the field for much longer.
It took me forever to get something vaguely viable, but here's my submission:

:Gurdurr:-:Munchlax:-:Haunter:-:Gligar:-:Persian-alola:-:Dachsbun: | replay

I didn't want to just use 3 NFEs from Gurdurr, Piloswine, and Gligar when I originally built this, but I ended up really needing Gligar to set up hazards. This team aims to entice ghost types to come in on moves like Gurdurr's Drain Punch and Dachs' Body press, and then for either Knock or Persian to come in and kill them, or to force them out and rack up that hazard damage. Munchlax is a funny late game sweeper who almost cannot be touched. Against particularly bulky teams, Tera Ghost curse can be funny. Munchlax can't hit ghosts and struggles vs Avalugg-h and Gurdurr, so you may need Haunter and Dachs for those. Outside of those very hard walls, nothing can touch Munchlax.

:Gurdurr: Hazard removal, ghost lure, knock, and useful as a fighting type

:Munchlax: Curse sweeper, with Tera Ghost for fighting types and the funny curse option. Tera fairy may be better if you want to tera and still set up on a fighting type, while resisting dark.

:Haunter: Your only special attacker. Trick is for Blissey, Giga Drain should be energy ball if you care about the OHKO on whiscash. Very good into Avalugg, outside of crunch.

:Gligar: Hazards and Pivot. That's it, and I think gligar is the best setter in the tier

:Persian-alola: Dark type to dance around ghosts. Parting shot over U-turn because getting in something safely is better than .01% more chip.

:Dachsbun: Ghost lure, wishpasser mostly for Persian and itself. Yawn is to actually force out things and for hazard damage.
After three teams and losing lots of elo points and sanity, I came up with this balance build:

:gurdurr: :swalot: :chansey: :prinplup: :electrode: :pyroar:

I mainly picked gurdurr as it is the best DLC nfe and can put in some work in almost any battle and then I decided to go ahead and try to make prinplup worked and it was solid enough. I'll break down the team quickly

:gurdurr: standard defog set with defensive bulk to tank hits even more; bait this in on a thunder wave and it can seriously chip some mons without getting the residual damage from other status. There's not much more to it.

:swalot: another defensive wall that's gaining a lot more of use as it is really our only knock off absorber. The trend is it for being acidpress toxic + filler; so, this time I decided to go with tspikes as it can really dent teams who are feeling more free not to run hdb with the new wave of hazard removal in the tier. it can also be a wincon for you in certain mus.

:chansey: regular rocks chansey with the cool tech of copycat not only to boost along with certain set up mons but also to make use of weak pivoting mons and pivot as well with your opp in order to keep momentum.

:prinplup: the sinnoh cousin of quax loves getting stats drops as it gains a nice +2 to its spa thanks to competitive. roost allows it to keep itself healthy while flip turn lets it keep momentum up. haze is good to stop annoying set up mons like cm spiri/missy which chansey cannot as easily handle; you could also prefer ice beam over haze but honestly I really didn't ever click it so do as you wish

:electrode: this mon helps me speed control battles and force switch-ins; volt switch lets it keep momentum while making dmg. taunt can shut down chipped chanseys or negate wishes komala and the bunch or simply to shut down mons switching in such as pilo. tera grass is great as a stab duo with electric type, esp with whiscash and pilo running around. you could also run tera ice if you wish to beat gab/glig although you would then not deal as well with the former two ground types.

:pyroar: going to back to the hdb-less mons, you see... specs pyroar is a great wallbreaker that can tear down many teams that go unprepared for it as they trust their komala to be their only spdef backbone and be able to deal with it. I'm running both hvoice + tblast as i like to keep the stab even if you tera but you could swap the former for overheat to make even more dmg. Of course it hates any kind of hazard but that's why you run defog to almost freely remove them and suck in tspikes with swalot in a pinch. i first ran houndoom but oh boy is that sweet speed worth running over lol.

overall i like prinplup in this water-that-doesnt-resist-water meta, esp bc it gets roost and can keep up through the game. its not the greatest mon but it was fun to use for this. could see it being b- or something in the vr, that's all
:Thwackey: :Wyrdeer: :Charizard: :Piloswine: :Swalot: :Gurdurr:

Made this team before the competition around thwackey/wyrdeer because thwackey is actually good in its own right now, and it happens to contain 2 dlc nfe's so why not submit it.

Enables wyrdeer but is also a really nice pivot/revenge killer in its own right. Its eviolite bulk is decent enough and grassy glide lets it revenge kill pretty well or sometimes just clean up if you get stuff like zard out of the way and can get up a swords dance, tera grass grassy glide hits scarily hard at +2.

Grassy seed wyrdeer was already seen a decent bit before DLC but now that thwackey is a better mon in its own right its even better. Grassy seed gives a free +20 to stored power off the bat and the defence boost + intimidate lets you fairly easily set up on most physical attackers. Then you just set up an agility and 1 or 2 calm minds and sweep.

I don't really have much to say on zard other than I needed a special attacker and zard is pretty good. The current prevalence of knock off is really annoying for it but thats what the last 2 mons on the team are for. Will-o-wisp criples all the scary physical attackers although clicking it is somewhat scary against all the teams with gurdurr at the moment.

Very cool offensive rocker that can just tank hits and 1v1 a lot of mons, especially with tera. Stone edge hits frostom who you wall thanks to thick fat. Ice shard is decently strong priority to pick up ko's or force damage on something.

Knock off is literally everywhere and gurdurr is annoying and swalot helps with both of these problems. Especially nice on a team with zard who really hates getting knocked. Ice beam stops gligar from just getting 3 layers of spikes up on you for free, and rocky helmet means that you can just keep switching into knock offs and forcing chip.

It seems like gurdurr has been on every team so far and it figures because this mon is really good. I'm running it here as a defogger because only one of my mons has boots and I don't want wyrdeer to just lose 30% of its health before it even gets a chance to set up. Also absorbs status, knocks stuff, and just generally 1v1s stuff really well.


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aaaaaaand with 7 votes, the winner of this round of the Teambuilding Competition is Morge , Congratulations!!! Thank you again to everyone who built these amazing teams and to all of my voters!

With the new drops, I'm sure everyone wants to see some new teams in this crazy new meta! Next round of teams need to contain at least three new Pokemon from the drops we gained from NU, OU or the PUBL! Outside of that, the choice is yours!

Teams will be due by Sunday, October 8th @ 11:59 PM GMT -4. Have fun with it!
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